Busi Msomi

Meet the young lady from KwaZulu Natal making stride in the modelling industry.

BEST: Where did you grow up?
BUSI MSOMI: I grew up in KwaZuluNatal in a small township called Caluza.

BEST: TWhat did you want to be when you were growing up?.
BM: When I was growing up I always wanted to be a business woman. Doing something that will benefit young women.

BEST: When did you start your modeling agency?
BM: I started my modeling agency in 2013 after doing my modeling course in one of the modeling agencies in Durban and Pietermaritzburg



BEST: Tell us more about Juice models and what services do you offer?
BM: Juice Models is a small yet dynamic modelling school in Pietermatritzburg and Durban, which produces young fierce South African models of all diversity a platform to showcase their talent.

Our Categories
Kids : 4-12 years
Teens: 13-19 years
Adults : 20-35 years


We focus on :
Makeup and hair
Diet Plans
Fitness training
Confidence building
Smile and facial expressions
Image consultation
Types of modeling we focus on :
Character modeling
Ramp modeling
Photographic modeling
Fashion modeling
Course Duration : 6 weeks
Once a course has been completed you get a certificate of attendance.

BEST: Is it easy running an agency?
BM: Running a modeling agency isn’t easy at all. I have find a few challenges since I’ve stress but everything seems to getting back together now. And for those who want to start it out there what I can say is , they must think twice about it.

BEST: What challenges do you face in this sector as a young and Black Business person?
BS: There’s a lot of challenges , especially when you are a young woman. You meet people who you think they will help you but at the end of the day they just want to let you down and steal your ideas . That has happened to me a couple of time but now I’ve got everything together and I’m also careful with the company that I’m keeping now.

BEST: Have you always aspired to be in the modelling business?
BM: What i can say is that I wanted to do something that will benefit young women . Do something with them that will keep them busy instead of them to be out in the streets doing something that they will regret at the end of the day. I love working with young girls especially , they just bring a smile on my face.


BEST: How many new models do you sign each year?
BM: We haven’t signed any in , “Professionally ” but we are working on that now. In terms of issuing contracts etc. The agency is now under contraction cause there’s a lot that we are fixing and we want to make sure that this time everything goes well.

BEST: How many models in total do you represent?
BM:I am not sure with the statics , but I’ve had more than 80 girls.

BEST: Who is your most successful models?
BM:Right now we do not have one.

BEST: Who is your biggest client?
BM:We do have one , we have been working with a lot of Fashion Schools.

BEST: What are your highlights or biggest achievement this far as a company?
BM:One of my models won Miss Mgungundlovu in 2014,

BEST: Does it cost a lot of money to be a model?
BM: No it actually doesn’t .. Trainings are not expensive .

BEST: Do you have to be tall to be a fashion model?
BM: No you don’t need to be tall , modeling is not about being tall or slim it all about who you are, and your inner beauty. Outer beauty doesn’t count