Craft Beer, Food and Wine Fair

Best: How long has the event been held?
Taryn: This is the very first Fair of its kind to be held in JHB.
Best: What is craft beer and how different is it from commercial beer?
Taryn: Craft Beer is traditionally brewed in a small family brewery, that has started for the love of beer, where the foundation is based on quality rather than quantity. Due to the smaller production runs of Craft Beer the prices tend to be higher than commercial beer, at a bar you can look at paying up to R50 for a Craft Beer.

Best: How many breweries will you be featuring at the fest?
Taryn: We have 22 Breweries
Best: How many of our local breweries will be at the fest?
Taryn: 17 are South African breweries, 1 Mexican, 1 Irish and 1 Belgian brewery, along with 2 local Cider producers
Best: What sets our craft beer apart from the rest of the world’s beer?
Taryn: We are a little behind the rest of the world, as out Craft Beer market is still establishing itself, and is starting to really catch on now, as you can tell by all the Craft Beer Fests launching all across the Country. SAB has dominated our market for so long, however South Africans have finally caught onto the Craft Beer fever!
Best: Is the South African market or people taking kindly to craft beers out there?
Taryn: Yes definitely, and proof is in the pudding with the large number of Craft Beer Fests springing up across the Country, and you are now starting to find Craft Beer’s in the shelves of major Liquor stores.
Best: What are people to expect at the festival?
Taryn: The Craft Beer Food and Wine Fair, is a boutique premium Fair, that promises to have something for everyone, whether you are a wine coneseur, craft beer lover, foodie, music fan, young, old, you will be sure to find something to enjoy. It is a perfect day outing for families, as we have a secure kids play area where kids will be entertained all day with jumping castles, clamber club, sand art, face painting, pony rides, puppet show etc.. whilst the parents can enjoy wine and craft beer tasting. We have a huge host of live entertainment with a music stage on a large field, a busking stage and a classical stage, with our headlines acts Kahn and Crash Car Burn. We also have a Bubbly (sparkling wine) and Oyster lounge for those who love the finer things in life. We also have an array of arts and crafts to add some interest to the day. The Fair runs 10am till 7pm, and we kick off with our Old School House After Party at 7pm which ends at midnight, for those who will not be ready to end the day at 7pm. The Fair is set at the beautiful Helderfontein Estate, with some vendors in the gardens and the balance in 4 stunning in door venues with large fireplaces.