Dj Blacksquare

Best: Please introduce yourself.

Blacksquare: My Name is Tumelo Zwane and my stage Name is Dj Blacksquare.

Best: Where are you from and do they love your music where you from?

Blacksquare: I’m from Katlehong in Tshongweni and yes they appreciate and love the music that I always introduce to them.

Dj Blacksquare1

Best: When did you start Djing?

Blacksquare: I started Dj’ing in 2007 when I was still in high school.

Best: So when did you decide that this was no longer a hobby and that you would make it your career?

Blacksquare: After playing for almost 3 years for free and building my name I decided that it’s time for me to make money and build a career out of this.

Best: So what sets you apart from the rest? What’s the difference between other DJs and you?

Blacksquare: I’m unpredictable when it comes to music and I always collect all different genres of house music.

Best: What is it like when you look out at the crowd?

Blacksquare: Sometimes it depends which crowd but I try by all means to make them dance and enjoy my music.


Best: Where do you get inspiration from?

Blacksquare: I got inspiration from my late uncle Themba Zwane who was also a Dj.

Best: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Blacksquare: Not at all. I always trust myself.

Best What is the biggest crowd that you have ever played for?

Blacksquare: 8000 people.

Best: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?

Blacksquare: Hurricanes Sunday Session when I was playing after Vinny Da Vinci.


Best: How has the house scene changed since you started djing?

Blacksquare: It changed in a form that back when I started we played with vinyls and we used to struggle in getting music but now there’s USB and internet access so it’s easy now I’d say.

Best: Do plenty of women throw themselves at you?

Blacksquare: Sometimes.

Best: Is being a Dj lucrative?

Blacksquare: Yes.

Best: What other businesses are you involved in?

Blacksquare: I also do Sound Hire for events.

Best: How many studio albums do you have if not are you looking to release anything in the future?

Blacksquare: I don’t have any studio album but my dream is to have my own compilation including music of upcoming producers in the music industry.

Best: Is there any artist you wish to work with in our industry?

Blacksquare: Monique Bingham, Bucie, Louie Vega & Dj Clock.

Best: How do you think the music you play has changed over the years?

Blacksquare: The music has changed bcoz in a couple of years there’s new producers coming with different types of sound, for example now there’s Amapiano and Gqom which back in the days there was Durban kwaito so I’d say a lot has changed in the music industry

Best: Are you big into social media. how many twitter/FB followers do you have?

Blacksquare: I could say I’m just average. I’m
not into social media but my Facebook page has 1000 likes. I don’t use Twitter.

Best: What is your advice to up and coming DJs?

Blacksquare: Stay strong, Keep pushing, don’t give up and always be positive with the belief that one day you can make it.

Best: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Blacksquare: I’d probably be working in a firm.