DJ Pakiso aka Mabanana

We caught up with one of our community radio station finest DJ:

C-ve: What Kind of a relation do you have with your listeners on Kasi FM?

DJ Pakiso: I’d say we have a very good standing relationship with the listeners because where ever I go people would be like ‘’hey Mabanana how are you doing?’’ even if I don’t them but most of the time the listeners come to my gig so there’s a tight bond.
C-ve: Tell us how you became a DJ?

DJ Pakiso: I started practicing to be a DJ in 2001 and in 2004 I started hearing Khatorus FM and I’d listen to the station but they’d be of air for a period of like six months or so, when they came back after they ran a mixing competition which I entered. One of the station Dj’s (Excellent)liked my mix and pulled me out of the competition and that’s how I became a Dj.

C-ve: Tell us how you became a broadcaster and when did you go on-air?

DJ Pakiso: I went on air 2005 when I started gaining confidence being around the studio how things worked and that was then the sky was the limit rest is history.

C-ve: How would you describe your sound to those who are not familiar with it?

DJ Pakiso: The music that I play, the is no way that you can ignore it cause I play tunes that have a message. Music that even if you were dumped by your man, when you hear the song with some lovey dovey lyrics and you start to sing along, then you look around asking yourself who is this DJ playing. That’s because I play Soulful deep vocal house.

C-ve: What sets you apart from the rest/what is the difference between you and you the DJ?
DJ Pakiso: (Me personally) I’m a stay at home guy I don’t to rove around. BUT when I get on the decks hai its something I get to be creative.

C-ve: There are plenty of women who throw themselves at DJ’s groupies. How do you manage this?

DJ Pakiso: I wouldn’t say groupies I’d say they are fans, cause when you say groupies its like you trying to pick up. I take it as it comes. If you approach me nicely I’d be open but if you got attitude you’d get it right back.
C-ve: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?

DJ Pakiso: The are many but the one I remember the most was DJ Terence’s first annual Party. When I got there I made sure I killed every bomberklat there. There were plus minus 1500 people there and they were all looking forward to DJ Pakiso on the decks. I do have gigs with the Black Coffees and Shimzas but that was my ultimate gig.

C-ve: What words of encouragement do you have for aspiring DJ’s and producers out there?

DJ Pakiso: Do What Love and keep on doing it and don’t do it with your mouth only (don’t just say you doing something) You must also act on it.

C-ve: What is your signature drink?

DJ Pakiso: My signature drink when is done and I’m like I’m done with gigs tonight it’s Remy Martin.

by:Sivenathi Kamo Ngalwa

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