11:30 /16 July 2014 Anxiously awaiting to call back one of Ekurhuleni’s rising stars. ”Get dialing boy” as I prep myself. After a couple of rings he answers “Sho boy, ngiya hlopha I know. I’m just give me five more minutes I’m busy preparing for tonight. Managed to slip in a question before he got distracted again…Gave a couple of minutes and he was done for the time been now the interview commenced:

BEST: Background and how you got in to DJying?
DJMSHEGA: I started when I was 14yrs with my late brother, I continued till matric with no idea of whether am I going to get paid. In matric I did an Audio engineering course and promised to continue where my brother left of.
I later got into music production and that’s when I met the guys in scene. Deejay Clock my mentor once left me in the studio with Bricks (one of S.A’s hottest lyricist) and told me to make him BIG. So I basically started in the deep end. Till today I work like that.

BEST: What equipment did you have when you started?
DJ MSHEGA: Dude we started with belt drive, you had to spin the turn table with your hands just to keep the pitch (saying that with laugh). As for now I’m concentrating on studio equipment.

BEST: How would you describe your music/sound to those who are not familiar to it?
DJ MSHEGA: Ah my man, I’m very versatile, cause I love an energy filled sound and sound that fells alive.

BEST: Describe your music library?
DJ MSHEGA: I’m a weirdo when it comes to music. I don’t go for commercial music, so I’d say I have a cocktail playlist or library. I’m currently listening to ‘house victimz’ 18Pillars). I love any good MUSIC , music that goes through to my heart. My taste isn’t specific.

BEST: Do you ever get nervous before you go on?

BEST: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?
DJMSHEGA: It will have to be the FACT DURBAN ROCKS held at the Moses Mabida Stadium (05 July 2014). I will also be playing in Mozambique (25 July), Namibia (6 Sep).

BEST: I understand you will be taking part in S.A first DJ reality show, how did this come by?
DJMSHEGA: Well I’m not a competitive person but I did it to judge myself against big brands. [ones and twos on SABC1 Fridays 19:30pm.]

BEST: When did you know this is something you want to do professionally?
DJ MSHEGA: From word go. If you want to do something you love, you’ll go all out . I was at it from uniform days. So I did struggle before but through persistence and perseverance I’m making it work.

BEST: There are plenty of women who throw themselves at DJ’s–how do you manage this? DJMSHEGA: It’s how I present myself out there that will send vibes to how they react towards you. I even had a beautiful I mean hot hot woman throwing herself at me, if i was someone else I would have…

BEST: What words of encouragement do you have for aspiring DJ and producers out there? DJMSHEGA: What ever voice you hear inside you saying you are going to be sharp, listen to it. Trust me that’s is where you supposed to be at. Research, know what you are doing ongajuthegi. Listen to people course they know what they want and don’t forget that you work with people.

Pray to GOD.

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