House Keys Reloaded

fit Mag Music is chatting to 1 of Eastrand Dope Dj/Producer/Musician. He Goes by the name of Reloaded Key.

Zweli: First and for Most Who is Reloaded keys, where is he from and we want to know everything from childhood?
Reloaded Key: Born and raised in East rand, Vosloorus

Zweli: When did your music career start?
RK: Started at very tender age of 5 used to sing a lot of music from Michael Jackson, Luther vandross etc my love for music grew even more bigger got into learning how to play the the recorder and piano got into djing and then music production.

Zweli: When did you decide that this will no longer be your hobby but you career
RK: I was studying at the academy of sound engineering dropped out decided let me do this full time since then I haven’t turned back


Zweli: What’s the different between a dj and you
RK: I’d say I’m more technical and diverse than the average Dj

Zweli: What’s the largest number of audience you performed for and do you ever get nervous when you face the crown
RK: Highest number would be 3000 people and yes I always get nervous when I play, I never get used to the feeling…

Zweli: I understand that you also produce your own music, kindly name projects you worked on and people you’ve worked with in the music industry?
RK: Projects I’ve been involved in soul candi 10, musicology, third tick, house Afrika Sessions, Mixwell impressive and artist I’ve worked with the likes of Euphonik, Kabomo, Clint brink, Dj Clock, Nothende, Maxhoba, Rj Benjamin, Fistaz Mixwell just to name a few.

Zweli: So when are you dropping your own album…do you have a single you pushing?
RK: For now I’m only pushing singles called ‘Free to love’ Ft. Mandisa Bardill will drop the album when it’s good and ready.


Zweli: To upcoming djs who are in school what would your advice be to them?
RK: Follow your passion and you won’t have to work a day in your life!

Zweli: Are there plenty of women who throw themselves at you? and what do you do?
RK: Lol! I wish! No, woman don’t throw themselves at me.


Zweli: Is there any artist you would like to work with?
RK: Right now I’d love to work with the princess of house Bucie

Zweli: How do your fans get hold of you on social media
RK: Facebook: reloaded keys
Instagram: Reloadedkeys
Twitter: Reloadedkeys

Zweli: 10 years from now where do you see yourself going
RK: Hopefully regarded as one of the SA legends and taking my brand to new and bigger heights…
If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
I’d probably be a detective or lawyer