Soulful singer/songwriter Loy Gura is a passionate musician whose latest album “LoyalSoul” is a soulful, warm, melodic and inspiring offering…
BEST: What is your music background?
LOY: I’ve been singing in the church from Sunday School and progressed throughout the various choirs as a lead singer and worship leader until I left for university. The love of music continued though my studies were Commerce related, I joined a choir called Voice of Glory at Rhodes University and had the pleasure of directing the choir and arranging shows. I would say music is my calling, I was born to sing and have been persistent in following that call.
BEST: Do you write your own songs?
LOY: Yes I do, I started writing songs in the church and always had a special place in my heart for RnB Soul music and therefore it was natural to progress to writing soul music and music for house DJs.
BEST: Who are your musical influences?
LOY: I love singers who can belt, singers with range and creativity in their execution – think of Anita Baker, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Gill, Donny and Lalla Hathaway, contemporaries would be Beyoncé (whose excellent vocal ability is undermined) and a lot of gospel singers but to mention two, Leandria Johnson and our local vocal marvel, Ntokozo Mbambo.
BEST: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
LOY: My earliest memory of picking up a microphone and singing is from when I was was 6 years old in a revival tent. I asked the program director to let me sing and he reluctantly agreed but by the time, I finished all the women were beaming. I’ve had many similar experiences as I grew older, where I feel an urge to be on the stage and no matter how much I try to shake it off, singing is my medicine.
 BEST: What are your songs about?
LOY: My songs are about spreading hope, love, joy and peace through the telling of my personal experiences and the lessons thereof. I sing about the coming together in love, the joy of it, and sometimes the unavoidable separation.
BEST: You’ve been in the scene for years now, how would you describe your music to people?
LOY: The music is soulful and inspiring and has a persistent message of hope. I believe that young and old can enjoy  LOYALSOUL and get to experience the musical ride from traditional American soul to the African influences that are indigenous to me, and the vocal prowess displayed that is at the level of the world stage.
BEST: What are your songs about?
LOY: My songs are about love, making choices from a stand point of love, acting with love and reinforcing loyalty amongst each other as humans. The songs are mostly in English for the sole purpose of ensuring that message of love, peace and hope is never missed.
BEST: Have you recorded any previous CDs or posted any audio files on the Internet?
LOY: Yes I have. In 2016 I released an EP called Four Squared Vol. 1 with 8 tracks released to a worldwide audience on all digital music platforms. I have also released singles as a solo artist, a member of a band called Blended with rapper friend O.F. E. and features in house music songs like Sculptured Music’s GRATITUDE, a soulful deep house track.
BEST: Tell us more about your single you dropped?
LOY:  Name In Lights is the first single from the album LoyalSoul and it is upbeat, uplifting and bound to get you inspired to follow your own dreams, because you can!
BEST: What are your immediate music career goals?
LOY:  I would like to book more live performances so that folks can come and experience the beautiful soul music I sing and of course my personality on the stage. I love relating and sharing laughter with audiences.
BEST: What are your long-term career goals?
LOY: To perform globally, representing South African Soul Music around the world. I want to write my next offering in IsiXhosa and look forward to how that will sound. I would also to write songs for a lot of artists, in fact I have songs for a lot of popular artists that I have kept is store. I would like to be a conduit through which future South African Soul singers will reach the rest of the world and be respected for their craft.