Meet the Man behind GAVCOOP the Brand

First met this lad at a social gathering in Nasrec early this year (Pop Bottles). What was a business outing between my friend, my business associate (Linda Tshabalala) and I, turned out to be a reunion for the both of them. I finally got to meet the Gav from Pretoria my friends have been going about throughout the years. Cool dude for sure. We set up a meeting for an interview in Rosebank that side got tracked by talk about our ambitions. We finally got to it.
Now get to know the Man behind the ground-breaking brand.

BEST: Where did you grow up?
GAV: Grew Up In Bophuthatswana (now known as the North-West), born in Taung, later relocated to Potchefstroom to do my High School

BEST: Growing up, what did you want to be?
GAV: Always wanted to be an entrepreneur…

BEST: When not working on the GAV COOP COUTURE, what else do you do?
GAVI: I also run/own a Creative Brand Communications Agency called Cooper Creatives

BEST: What made you decide to go into the fashion business? Do you have any regrets?
GAV: I’ve always had a passion for fashion, guess it was inevitable for me to establish a brand…no regrets at all..

BEST: (Looking at your Facebook fan page I see you plus minus 2588 likes) What is the secret behind the brand’s popularity?
GAV: I feel that number is relatively small, with the implementations we have underway, we should reach atleast a 100 000 likes before the end of the year10169456_10206479021081037_8017269634271076107_n

BEST: Is owning a fashion label as glamorous as it seems?
GAV: Nope, its got its own challenges just like any other business….

BEST: What mistakes, if any, have led to your most important lesson?
GAV: Over Marketing the Brand without having a solid Distribution Strategy to back it up…Demand exceeding Supply

BEST: What do you actually do when you say you are at work every day?
GAV: It could be anything from being in between meetings, to running business errands, designing, etc

BEST: What are the challenges you face in the fashion industry and how do you deal with them?
GAV: Our local manufacturing industry is behind technologically amongst other things, most of them use outdated equipment which limits us as designers.

BEST: What training, qualifications and skills did you have to acquire to make a mark in this industry?
GAV: None…Creativity can’t be taught…


BEST: How long has the brand been around?
GAV: About 5 years now….

BEST: How has it evolved over the years?
GAV: It has been refined over the years, from the fabrics we use to design. Even the way we conduct business

BEST: Where can the masses get a hold of you garments?
GAV: On our online store @

BEST: In the next 10 years, where do you see the brand?
GAV: I see the brand being recognized internationally and I see us venturing out into other lifestyle products.

BEST: What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs try to get their foot in the fashion industry?
GAV: Keep Pushing…