MOD is mad on dough

You know when they say it runs in the family, well in this case it’s true and these two blokes are proof of it. From the South Western Township (SOWETO) these two brothers bring a sound that’s original and truly fresh.

Best: Please introduce yourselves…

MOD: Two Blood brothers who go by the name Mad On Dough. Derived from our surname “Madondo”

Best: Where are you from?

MOD: Born and raised in Soweto, Pimville

Best: Do your parents support your choice of music?
MOD: Parents don’t really understand hip hop. They know we are into hip hop but not really interested in the specifics

Best: Who influenced your choice of music?

MOD: We grew up listening to people like Eminen, Zola, Skwatta, Pro, Bone Thugs, HHP and a whole lot more….

Best: Who influenced your style?

MOD: The South SOWETO!

Best: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

MOD:Eminem-Marshall Mathers LP
R-Kelly- TP
Skwatta – Wash’ Umkhukhu
And many more haha

Best: How long have you been in hip hop scene?

MOD: We’ve always been fans of hip hop but our journey began 2008…coming to the scene as a group called chaos

Best: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

MOD: Damn… His not a rapper but Chris brown

Best: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

MOD: We don’t try…we are naturally SOWETO and therefore we rap what we are!

Best: In your rap or lyrics do your address any social ills that we are faced with as a country?

MOD: DEFINITELY!…coming from Soweto we are aware of our surrounding environment, so we rap about both the positives and negatives of our environment and the country as a whole!

Best: So are you what you rap about?

MOD: Arguably yes…the masses will tell

Best: What is your role or responsibility (if any) for being a vehicle for social change?

MOD: To be a leading example and feed inspiration through music

Best: So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game In S.A & abroad?

MOD: We think South African hip hop is more closer to international level now more than ever…it’s an interesting time for South African Hip Hop
Best: Who do you think is a real game-changer in our music industry?

MOD: AKA, Black Coffee and Cassper

Best: I see on social media you busy Promoting Fill My Cup. What is #FillMyCup?

MOD: #FillMyCup is our debut single with Dj Spontaneous but Soweto decided to make it a lifestyle and now the whole country is catching on

BEST: Right now, who do you look up to?

MOD: Oskido

Best: Do you have you have any of your own songs in your favourite playlist?

MOD: Yup- in fact our playlist is our album that is still work in progress

Best: Where can people get your music?

MOD: We got our single out now on datafilehost, sound cloud and its coming out on iTunes and caller tunes soon

Best: Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

MOD: Yes, check our Facebook Page: Mad On Dough
Twitter: @MadOnDoughZA
Instagram: @MadOnDoughZA