MUSHKA’S about Expensive Music

From house parties to annual social gatherings this young lad seems to have his head screwed on the right way.
Muzi Mushka Zondi has his sight set on his first million, Grinder of note.

Best: Where are you from and do they love your music where you from?
Mushka : Well, originally I was born in Soweto, later moved to Leondale and residing in Boksburg Klippoortjie Village. Yes, I should think I’m considered one of the best from KLP.
They do love my #Expensive Music. Lol..

Best: When did you start Djing?
Mushka : I started djing 2004, that was the first time I actually went to a record store to buy my very first vinyl.

Best: So when did you decide that this was no longer a hobby and that you would make it your career?
Mushka : It was after 4/5 years later, thanks to underground clubs like 115 in Anderson street down town Jozi. Going to some of the sessions that were hosted there. I took a decision that I needed to be on the same level to the guys I looked up to. The likes of Clive Bean, 2Lani The Worrier, Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, China, Octave, Brett Jackson(RIP) and Marco Christian.



Best: So what do you think sets you apart from the rest? I mean, what’s the difference between a DJ and you?
Mushka : I think the kind of music I play. I’m very deep and minimal at times. But, you can never confirm what tunes Ima rock @ a gig. I basically can mix everything and anything. From kwaito to Hip-hop. But my first love is Deep house. I do this for the love of music.

Best: What is it like when you look out at the crowd?
Mushka :Nothing beats a crowd of people jamming and dancing to a dj’s set. That’s the best feeling ever. To know that you connected with the crowd.

Best: where do you get inspiration from?
Mushka : My inspiration comes from my support team. I mean from friends that share the same music to the support structure that goes beyond friendship (Dolls), Lol.. and other dj’s as well.



Best: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?
Mushka : It happens.. I mean, the kind of music I play is not cheesy (Commercial). Jumping after a commercial dj sometimes makes life a bit difficult. But, I’m more used to that idea now. It don’t get nervous as much.

Best What is the biggest crowd that you have ever played for?
Mushka : I’d say approx +/- 4000 people.

Best: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?
Mushka : I’ll have to say my Annual Party events #JBLexperience, I say this with pride because.. The system I use on the day is every dj’s dream to be pumping tunes outa those JBL line arrays and Subs. It’s about clarity and crisp. There’s a couple of events Iv played @ which were dope. But the sound systems are nothing compared to the Legendary JBL VRX.

Best: How has your life changed since you are well known figure in S.A’s House scene?
Mushka: Lmao.. we’ll, I’m not that we’ll known. But people that attend my events know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to set ups and sound. I wish I was well known. Lol.. but, everything has its time. I’d like to believe my team is still coming.

Best: Are there plenty of women who throw themselves at you?
Mushka : Lmao.. Eish that issue ne?? Not anymore, it used to happen. But, I haven’t encountered any of that. I think growing up as a huge factor to that. And how I handle myself @ events + I’m forever with my fiancé. So that is a big plus. Lol.. thank God



Best: What do you spend your money on?
Mushka: I usually spend my money on clothes, food and sneakers. I’m a huge fan of sneakers.

Best: What about cars or a House – you know?
Mushka: No house as yet.. but, we looking into that. I’m positive that come same time next year. We should be owning a property with my significant other.
In terms of cars, I’m a huge fan of cars. Especially when it comes to VW and BMW.

Best: How many cars & houses do you have?
Mushka: A surprise is coming. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Best: How many studio albums do you have if not are you looking to release anything in the future?
Mushka : Not at the moment.. in the future. Yes, most definitely. And it will be as Deep as it gets.


Best: Is there any artist you wish to work with in our industry?
Mushka: There’s a couple of really talented guys out there. I would really like to work with the likes of Atjazz and locally with House Victimz and Vandal M.

Best: How do you think music you play has changed over the years?
Mushka: Well, music is evolving everywhere. People are just not releasing tracks for the fun of it. The sound that’s in now is more broken beats and progressive.

Best: Are you big into social media. how many twitter followers?
Mushka: Yes I am.. but I’m more active on FB, well I have 92 followers on twitter! #Hides

Best: What would be your advice to up and coming DJs?
Mushka : My advice would be to find their own unique sound. And never ever try try to be like someone else. It needs to be from the heart. If they doing it because Mushka is doing it. 2 years down the line, they will quit, like some other friends of mine. Lol… #hides

Best: How old are you. How long do you see yourself doing what you’re doing? (Can you see yourself doing this when you’re 50? 60?)
Mushka: I’m as young as I feel. Lol.. we’ll, I’m going to do this until I’m 40. Then I will call it quits.

Best: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
Mushka: Well I’m lucky to be doing both events and djing. I wouldn’t choose anything else. I love my job and I will perfect it until I make my first million. That’s a promise!! #JFK