We finally caught up with the auspicious fellows of Opium Events and Projects. These boys have been making waves in the events business for a couple of years. Nkosana Oscar “Kido” Nxumalo and Peter
“Stevie G” Sefatsa are co-founders of the fast growing events company. They have been friends since 2005 and decided to venture into business together in 2012 with another friend Mohlomi who later went his own way. The name Opium is formulated from the first letter of each of their names.

BEST: Who is Opium
PS (Peter Sefatsa): Opium is Oscar and Peter. We got together because of the movement. We all have events background and Oscar also has a musical background he is an amateur producer and DJ. BEST: “Amateur Producer?” (Laughing)
ON(Oscar Nxumalo): Very true very true. We started three years back the Three of us Oscar, Peter and Mohlomi to build the company Opium.
PS: That’s how the brand started.
BEST: What type of events do you guys do?
PS: We do a whole lot of events, obviously we have grown a lot in terms of our skill set so mostly we host events at outlets; we do brand activations; we do our own gigs without any affiliation with popular brands and also host our own Opium events with our own DJ’s and push our own concepts. We do events from concepts to management from start to finish so we versatile in the type of gigs we do.
BEST: What made you guys start this events company?


Peter Stevie G Sefatsa PS

PS: What got us thinking to start this company was our events background, Oscar was running his own entertainment establishment and we used to support and created a following and we had a realization that this is an opportunity we can make money from. And it’s something we have, the skills the database we also have the marketing brains. That’s why we started.

BEST: Who’s is your main clientele?
PS: Our clientele has been oulets in and around Katlehong or Kathorus but we have hosted events in Rosebank, Capello Parktown, so any venue that can please our crowd and that we feel is suitable for what we want to do we approach those people. Mostly we have been working with outlets in Kathorus.
BEST: How would you describe your crowd?
ON: The working class.
PS: Affluent upmarket working class, young sexy, grown sexy people who know how to have fun in a behaved manner. If you understand what I’m saying 😉


Nkosana Nxumalo Oscar Kido ON

BEST: You guys have a long string of events, describe the most challenging thus far?
ON: The one where we invited the likes of AKA, C9, Mahoota that was our own event and our first gig we used our own money we did it with any sponsors. It was very hectic.
PS: We encountered a lot of problems from the weather to suppliers it was up hill from the beginning.
ON: The event went ahead and the outcome was unsatisfactory. I’ll never forget it.
PS: It wasn’t successful.
BEST: When did it take places?
ON: It was cold and it was Opium’s Birthday party and we called it Opium’s2 it was on Friday the 9th August 2013 and being on a Friday of a public holiday was another factor that built up to the challenge of the event.
BEST How long have you guys been in business?
PS: We have been in business for four years.
BEST: How arethings looking in these four years?
We’ve grown a lot we’ve discovered new things and the future is looking very bright. Without a doubt.
BEST: What are your primary goals as OPIUM? (is there an ultimate gig or a client you’d like to bag)
Obviously we’d love for the company to grow in a way we do not have to outsource anything; everything comes in house from the sound to the branding. That’s our goal. In terms of clientele we obviously want to grow, get out the EAST RAND.
BEST: When do you guys see yourself getting to the level of events like FUNMASTERS?
Before the end of this year.
We are actually there, we just need to find a bigger venue we know we have a crowd but we just don’t have the big venues.
BEST: You guys normally host events at THE BALCONY and MLANDO, is it the same crowd that comes to both venues or you do see different faces?
Obviously the is a lot of over lapping but we do see different faces week in week out, the’s also your loyal followers but the data base is growing.
More especially when we host at MLANDO we have a lot more new faces.

BEST:Does this mean OPIUM is reaching out to people or people reaching out to OPIUM?
ON: I’d say OPIUM is reaching out to the OPIUM.
PS: I think it’s a two way street. We have established a brand and we got it out there and people have showed interested.
BEST: What are your don’ts you don’t want at any of your events?
ON: My don’ts for people who organize events are false marketing. Do not promise the people an artist who won’t even be performing.
PS: Don’t do an event without a marketing budget.