Nicholar Mrwebi

With humility and an understanding of where he is destined to be in the music realm. This lad is making en roads in the Cape Town house scene and he is surely going to his brand and music play for him.


Best: Please introduce yourself.
Nicholar: My name is Nicholar Mrwebi, born in 29 July 1994 at Baragwaneth Hospital.
Best: Where are you from and do they love your music where you from?
Nicholar: I grew up in Johannesburg in a small location called Tshepisong, moved to Cape Town In 2010, that’s where my love for house music aggregated.

Best: When did you start Djing?
Nicholar: The journey of being a disc jockey (DJ) started in 2014, getting influence from the likes of Mavu (My Mentor), Jimpster, Scott Diaz, Thulane Da Warrior just to name few.

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Best: So when did you decide that this was no longer a hobby and that you would make it your career?
Nicholar: To be honest with you Best, I’ve always taken djing as a career from the day I decided to become one.
Best: What sets you apart from the rest? What’s the difference between other DJs and you?
Nicholar: Yho that’s a difficult one, really the is nothing that sets me apart from other djs, but consistency and focus has always been my number one key.

Best: What is it like when you look out at the crowd?
Nicholar: It is gives me joy to give the crowd joy, more special when I am playing for the right clientele.
Best: Where do you get inspiration from?
Nicholar: I get inspiration in lot of different things and different people, but most importantly I get inspiration from my background, the way I grew up.
I come from a disadvantaged home and society, with a mind-set of making a difference in my disadvantage home and society, that’s where the inspiration is.

Best: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?
Nicholar: Instead of getting nervous, I get so excited its the love brother.

Best: What is the biggest crowd that you have ever played for?
Nicholar: The biggest crowd I’ve ever played for was at Rands Cape Town, but the coolest crowd I enjoy playing for is at Imbizo Lounge.

Best: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?
Nicholar: The greatest gig I’ve ever staged at it has to be The Ultimate Weekender at Rands Cape Town.


Best: How has the house scene changed since you started djing?
Nicholar: According to my point of view, the deep house scene hasn’t really changed that much, its just that the is more sub-genres that came in within deep house scene. I always say that don’t be caught in the mist of trends, House Music will forever be alive.

Best: Do plenty of women throw themselves at you?
Nicholar: Hahaha yes of course, but I’m not into that life.


Best: Is being a Dj lucrative?
Nicholar: I would yes but it takes time, so you need to be patient and work hard as much as you can.


Best: What other businesses are you involved in?
Nicholar: I’m currently busy with sound hiring ,I’m also working as an A&R & Events at Garden Groove Music.

Best: How many studio albums do you have if not are you looking to release anything in the future?
Nicholar: Well, I’m currently taking lessons of sound production with Ta Ntsei from Xcape Rhythm Records, hopefully I will release something before end of this year.

Best: Is there any artist you wish to work with in our industry?
Nicholar: The is a lot but for now I want to focus on myself as an upcoming producer.


Best: How do you think music you play has changed over the years?
Nicholar: The sounds from way back and how the golden era continues to influence music today. Its exciting to hone in on the passion music lovers of all things classic with a slice of modern enthusiasm for good measure.


Best: Are you big into social media. how many twitter/FB followers do you have?
Nicholar: Not that big, but my fan base is growing day by day. At the moment I’m sitting on 1k followers on my Facebook page.

Best: What is your advice to up and coming DJs?
Nicholar: Be as humble as you can that’s how connections come, socialize and have a role model. Another advice I would add is Branding but branding its not only logo on clothing. A logo is just a component of branding. Branding is creating an understanding and identity of who you are. When they see your logo,they should instantly know what it represents. A logo is the face of the true identity of the brand of a DJ.

Best: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
Nicholar: I was born to be in the music industry, to me if music was not existing life would have been an error.