North West goes Coco

In person he is one of the most down to earth characters you could meet but that persona completely changes as he gets behind the decks.
I personally had that experience as he transformed in front of my eyes and got the crowd jumping it was like the Nasrec Expo Center has gone Coco.
Meet Dj Coco everybody.

Best: Where are you from and do they love your music where you from?

Dj Coco:Im from the North West Province, Mafikeng to be exact. Mafikeng is definitely in love with Hip Hop music and they do love and support my music, we’ve managed to produce some of the best rappers in the country to date so there is no doubt that there is a love for Hip Hop in Maftown.

Best: When did you start Djing?

Dj Coco: I’ve been djing for 6 years now.

Best: So when did you decide that this was no longer a hobby and that
you would make it your career?

Dj Coco: When I played at an event where I wasnt looking to get paid and was just doing it for fun and one of the people in the crowd came up to me and gave me a R1000. That left me shocked and really triggered a thought on me that i need to take my djing seriously.

DJ Coco

DJ Coco

Best: So what do you think sets you apart from the rest? I mean,
what’s the difference between a DJ and you?

Dj Coco: I think I’m more of wanting to give the crowd what they want and exceeding their expectations. I strive to create memories for people that go out to party. Fun and lots of dancing is my motive when I play.

Best: What is it like when you look out at the crowd –

Dj Coco: Mostly intimidating, but a thrive on playing for big crowds.

Best: where do you get inspiration from?

Dj Coco: I get my inspiration from a general love of hip hop ,and from a young age watching old school hip hop dj’s like Bionic,Ready D,¬†and the late dj’s Leeby and Capra do they’re thing on the decks. All that used to go through my mind when i saw them djing is I wanna be able to do what they do one day, if not like them, better than them.

Humble Look.

Humble Look.

Best: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Dj Coco:I do.. but nervousness brings out the best in me always.

Best What is the biggest crowd that you have ever played for?

Dj Coco: A crowd of about 22000 people in Lesotho this past December

Best: What is the greatest gig that you’ve played?

Dj Coco: The same one in Lesotho where I played for the same 22000 people, it was fcuken epic if i may say.

Best: How has your life changed since you are well know figure in S.A’s
hiphop scene?


On The Decks

Dj Coco: Not much, just that people recognise you more and when I’m walking down the mall 1 or 2 people would stop me to take a few pics or ask for autographs.

Best: Are there plenty of women who throw themselves at you?

Dj Coco: It comes with territory, Yes !!

Best:what do you spend your money on?

Dj Coco: I love sneakers, my collection just keeps on growing.

Best: What about cars or a House – you know?

Dj Coco:A house, property doesn’t deppreciate.

Best: How many cars & houses do you have?

Dj Coco: 1 house and 1 car.

Game Watcher

Game Watcher

Best: How many studio albums do you have if not are you looking to release anything in the future?

None at the moment, just wanna grow as a dj first, will look into that maybe in 2016.

Best: Is there any artist you wish to work with in our industry?

Dj Coco: There are to plenty to mention, but A.K.A is one I’d definitely like to work with.

Best: How do you think music you play has changed over the years?

Dj Coco: It has definitely changed. with new artists coming into the industry they bring in newer and fresher music and that has lead to music changing over time.

Best: Are you big into social media. how many twitter followers?

Dj Coco: I think I am, i have 2000 followers on twitter.

Best:What would be your advice to up and coming DJs?

Dj Coco: Come in with your own style, set yourself apart from the rest and practice very hard.

Best: How old are you. How long do you see yourself doing what you’re doing?
(Can you see yourself doing this when you’re 50? 60?)

Dj Coco: I’m 31 years old. All i know is I’m enjoying this right now, and i’ll see how far it carries me.

Best: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Dj Coco: I’m into Marketing and Branding, so I’d be doing that if I weren’t into this