North West Soul

A young aspiring talent from the North West Provence who has his sights set on been one of S.A’s influential artist and song writer.

Meet Vusi Veekay Khumalo.

Best: Where are you from?
Veekay:I’m from a place called Magogoe Tar in Mahikeng North West Province
Best: Do your parents support your choice of music?
Veekay: Yes they do alot because of the message in the music
Best: Who influenced your choice of music?

Veekay: The first person to tell me I’d be perfect for house music was the
late Mike Maswanganyi after he heard me singing in a music competition
in 2005 and then I started listening to the genre and fell in love
with it, never looked back ever since.
Best:Who influenced your style?

Veekay:I’d say Liquideep influenced my style, the fusion of rnb vocals and
house beats appealed to me alot.




Best: What house albums did you grow uplistening to?
Veekay:The Soul Candi House Sessions Series, Dj Ganyani House Grooves
Series,listened to alot of Black Coffee’s music, Dr Duda House
Prescription, Oskido’s Church Grooves Series, Dj Mbuso Phezulu
Selections and Dj Fresh House Flava Series just to name a few.
Best: How long have you been in House scene?
Veekay: Its been 6 years now, released my first Ep called “By My Side” In
Best: what would be your dream collaboration with any dj, singer or
Veekay: I’d really like to work with Ralf Gum, Harrison Crump,Black Coffee,
Mi Casa, Oskido, Zano and Ayanda Jiya.
Best: How do you separate yourself from other artists?Veekay 02
Veekay: I love experimenting with sounds and i tend to create soulful house
but with electro and tribal elements. So it tends to sound different
from other sounds that are already out there, though people didn’t
understand my music before now they love it and I always try to
re-invent myself from time to time so that I don’t end up boring
Best: In your lyrics do your address any social ills that we are faced with
as a country?
Veekay: Yes I do, I recently released a track called “Unity” which speaks
against the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, I also have a
song called “One Love” which became a favourite to many people.
Best: So are you what you do you write about as a song writer?
What is your role or responsibility (if any) for being a vehicle for
social change?
Veekay: Whatever I talk about on my songs relates to me and how I live, so
I would say yes. I tend to write inspirational songs with hard hitting lyrics as I
want to change people lives through the music and i also run a charity
campaign whereby I collect clothes, books and donate them to
underprivileged kids around Mahikeng.

Veekay 01
Best: So, what are your thoughts on the current state of House music in S.A
& abroad?
Veekay: I believe it’s growing day by day with the emergence of new
producers and Djs, I don’t believe the house genre will die anytime
Best: Who do you think is a real game-changer in our music industry?
Veekay: Cassper Nyovest no doubt
Best: Right now, who do you look up to?
Veekay: I look up to Oskido, from the music to the business side of things
he’s just on top of his game.
Best: Do you have you have any of your own songs in your favourite
Veekay: Definitely, I listen to my music all the time and right now my
next album has occupied my playlist.
Best: Where can people get your music?
Veekay: People can buy my music on iTunes, Traxsource, other top online
stores and those who want to buy the cd can visit my Facebook or
Twitter pages to get contact details and we can send them the album.
There are also free singles I released recently and people can visit
my Facebook page to get the download links.
Best: Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
Veekay:Yes my Twitter handle is @VeekaySA and on Facebook I’m Vusi
Veekay Khumalo and my page is Veekay RSA.
Please lookout for my brand new soulful house album “Music For The
Soul” dropping on the 28th of August 2015 and thank you so much for
the support.