He’s laid back but his delivery and lines packs a punch that’ll make even the ignorant know it all sit down shut up and listen.  Meet the S.A’s East Coast born rhymester.

BEST: Where are you from?

BEST: Do your parents support your choice of music?
RTF: I was raised by a single mother who made sure I always excelled in everything I did so when she saw how much I loved music she could not help but show her support since she saw how happy it made me


BEST: Who influenced your choice of music?
RTF: It has to be Andre 3000 I love the way he used the art of storytelling into his music.

BEST: Who influenced your style?
RTF: In terms of my image it is the Fresh Prince of Bellair ( A character in the 90’s comedy series who was played by Will Smith)

BEST: What hip hop albums did you grow up listening to?
RTF: I won’t lie I didn’t listen to hip hop at all until the mid-2000’s where I was introduced to Tupac, Biggie, Snoop and Eminem
So whatever music I’d find my cousin playing in his car I would vibe to as well.

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BEST: How long have you been in the hip hop scene?
RTF: Approximately 8 years but I only have been using the Robin Thirdfloor alias for 2 years

BEST: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer
RTF: In terms of a rapper I’d love to work with Earl Sweatshirt and producer would have to be Pharrell Williams

BEST: In your lyrics do you address any social ills that we face as a country?
RTF: Definitely hey especially the one social ill that many South Africans face which is poverty and being a product of it I do raise it quite often but not sulking about it more like referring to it as a motivator to push me to change my situation.

BEST: What are your thoughts on the current state of the game both in SA and abroad
RTF: In South Africa I would say it could be better, we not quite there as yet
With regards to abroad you would really have to specify as to which country you are talking about because some artists in other countries are really going the extra mile and bringing fresh sounds and others well they just basic

BEST: Who do you think is a game-changer in our music industry?


BEST: I see you promoting your new single Rolling Stone how are the masses receiving it?
RTF: The response has been quite overwhelming hey not only am I receiving love online but also at the shows I’m performing at too

BEST: Do you have any of your music on your playlist?
RTF: Yep I actually do,all my unreleased stuff I jam to that alot

BEST: Where can people find your music?
RTF: They can google Robin Thirdfloor

BEST: Are you on twitter or facebook?
RTF: Twitter : @robinthirdfloor
Facebook : Robin Thirdfloor