Robin Thirdfloor_Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone is a raw confrontation of what it means to pursue a dream, living in the shadow of a man you never knew. In his first release since the EP that introduced him (Sounds Empty Pockets Make) Robin Thirdfloor takes on a narrative that addresses his decision to follow music instead of the corporate career that awaited him following his university graduation. Questioning what this decision means to his mother, who raised him alone after his father left.

He graples with issues of abandonment and living up to expectations; while drawing parallels between the man he is becoming and the man his mother knew as his father.” In promotion of the release of Rolling Stone, Robin Thirdfloor will be embarking on a regional tour with his stable mates: Moonchild, Elo and Fortune Sumba.

The POST POST Summer tour will start at Swaziland’s House on Fire on Friday February 12, going on to Arte No Parke in Maputo on February 13 The Winston Pub in Durban on February 20 and finish off in Johannesburg on March 4