So I finally managed to drag my body bag off my bed in the a.m. Sunday summer morning, voice still husky, quickly grabbed phone made a call to confirm an interview with one of S.A’s exceptional Producer/DJ SculpturedMusic also known as Willi Lubisi. The interview is three weeks overdue so I know have to nail it, I mean he has already released his debut album “BRIGHTER DAYS”.
Sharp fede?
“We still on for the interview?
“Yhea, I’m at the White house planning for my video shoot for “Fats Lane”. You must come.
[BRIGHTER DAYS Track 11: “Fast Lane” Sculptured Music ft Zano.]

BEST: Please describe your music library.
SM: I am A very spiritual person, I listen to gospel. Actually I listen to a variety of genres, since I work for 5FM you can catch me listening to rock, some pop, EDM etc and then when I have had enough I go back to my Sculptured Music.
BEST: What is your general view on house music
SM: House music is something that evolves in time, obviously South Africa we have our own sound and we do not need to copy any international acts. We need to learn from them. One thing is we not united, we all pushing our own agenda but the funny thing is our S.A hip-hop are more united the house Kats. We need that culture of supporting each other cause the hip-hop guys are supporting each other with endorsements, features and mixtapes. S.A hip-hop is big now but we getting there.
BEST: Do you set or follow trends?
SM: I set trends. If I followed trends I would have done a commercial track a long time ago. I just believe that once something has been done you need to find something else. There can only be one Black Coffee. You just have to be yourself people need to love you. Me I am a pusher, people are starting to recognise me as me SCULPUTURED MUSIC in terms of my sound people are really noticing and growing into it. So you have to keep push.
BEST: For people who don’t know Sculptured Music how would you describe your sound?
SM: I do soulful, that kind of house that when you play for the first time it might fly over your head but when you play it for the second time one track will grab you and end up going back to the track and playing the album all over again. Now that what I have been getting lately with my album. I had a guy called me athi he was driving and listening to my album and on the sixth track something hit him and he was like nhee I’m starting from track one.
BEST: Personally my favourite is track two “Runaway” ft Lizzy.
SM: We actually performed that track live at METRO FM and you what was the funny thing? It was the first time I met uLizzy and I must admit I was nervous thinking we going to screw it up but iy came together nicely.
BEST: How is it that you only met her at the interview?
SM: Well I originally gave KRUNA from Spruit to lace some vocals on the track and he said the track was too heavy for him so he gave it to Lizzy.
BEST: What was your first Dj equipment you ever bought?
SM: Back the we didn’t have much knowledge about Dj equipment, so me and a couple of friends saved up some money and went to Germiston to ourselves vinyl player. So when we got back a guy who knew more about dj’ing said to “Hao guys these decks don’t have a pitch moss, how are you going to play?” (Typical Beginners mistake). We tried taking them back but the store owner said the is no return policy on them so we had to put them aside and get proper new ones.
BEST: What sets you apart from the rest of the DJ’s?
SM: It’s how I approach things and how I see my music you need have a vision for your music you need to see the music before you produce it. The guys will tell you we change tracks like ten times because the vision wasn’t there. I think that’s what sets me apart and I don’t want to sound like any one else. Even on my album I try to make each track special I don’t want you to listen to track four and you have heard the whole album. My sound is not monotonous.
BEST: Do you get nervous before you go on stage or touch the decks?

SM: The funny this is till this day I still get nervous regardless of the years I’ve been doing this. I sit the and look at the crowd (it’s not that nervousness of I don’t know what I am doing) and say what can I do to them. You have to remember that every time you play you are selling yourself. Some people may know you and those who don’t know you so selling yourself and giving people your storyline in an hour is pretty hard and that’s why I still get nervous till today.