Streetz Incorporated Exit

With sixteen years under his belt, the thoughts exiting this man’s mind are surely to cause some ripples if not waves in S.A’s Hip-Hop scene. Coming from a record label ran by a Hip-Hop fanatic Itumeleng Lethoko of Streetz Incorporated Recordz, EXIT aims to be part of the game changers in the industry and sure does have the arsenal to carry out that mission.


Best: Where are you from?
Exit: I grew in Orlando West Phomolong. I’m a pure bred Sowetan.
Best: Do your parents support your choice of music?
Exit: My parents passed away but yes they did support my choice of music even as a career.
My brother does his my number 1 fan. My extended family have always been very supportive of my career from day 1…
Best: Who influenced your choice of music?
Exit: My older brother was highly influential of the choice of my music. Hip hop was always his first choice of music so it’s because of him I’m a hip hop fan…exit2
Best: Who influenced your style?
Exit: Mainly my crew Asylum trybe due to the versatility within the crew. Internationally I would have to say its KRS ONE. His music was highly influential…
Best: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?
Exit: Growing up I use to listen to A lot of KRS ONE- I got Next, Jay Z reasonable doubt,Lyricst Lounge, Sound bombing
Best: How long have you been in hip hop scene?
Exit: Been in hip hop for almost 16 years. Almost more than half of my life!
Best: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?
Exit: Internationally It would KRS one or Jay Z locally Zola or Kuli Chana or Pro kid.exit logo
Best: How do you separate yourself from other artists?
Exit: My writing style is very different, I use both English and vernacular in my raps. I’m quite passionate when I write as well as I put my heart into every verse…..
Best: In your rap or in your lyrics do you address any social ills that we are faced with as a country?
Exit:I Do have songs that address social ills. It’s actually something I’m Passionate about… I mainly touch on issues like education and self-motivation. The youth needs to be inspired, we have to inspire each other…
Exit: So are you what you rap about?
My raps are mainly what happens in our daily lives. Things that affect us on a daily basis from social ills like we mentioned earlier to partying to political issues.
I make my raps relevant to our daily lives so everyone can relate to what’s happening…4.1
Best: What is your role or responsibility (if any) for being a vehicle for social change?
Exit: Personally my role is to inspire as many people in what I do. I’m pushing myself to be as successful as possible in the game and to be seen amongst the best. Through that I will be able to inspire and bring hope to the kids in the townships that anyone can make it. As long as you put your mind and heart into it!
Best: So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game In S.A & abroad?
Exit: I’m loving the currently state of hip hop internationally and mainly locally. Cats have taken their careers into their own hands. Hip hop locally is making money cats are getting paid for their craft and hard work. But I would like to emphasize that cats must not forget to rap. It’s very important!!!!
Best: Who do you think is a real game-changer in our music industry?
Exit: Cats Like Khuli, Casper AKA. Boyz n Bucks. Damn theres a lot. Dudes is really out there doing their thing!


streetzinc logo
Best: Do you have any of your own songs in your favourite playlist?
Exit: Yeah I do….. I listen to a variety of music. A lot of old school. New school as well….So I mix my music
Best: Where can people get your music?
Exit: My music is available on itunes , soundcloud and reverb nation. I got a page on you tube as well where you can get my video and some of my freestyles. We also release music through data hot files for free downloads.
Best: What are you pushing right now?
Exit: Currently I’m promoting my digital download, and we also giving away free promo copies as well. This is a build up to the main E.P which is dropping in September 2015.
Best: Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
Exit: Yeah I got as page on face book EXIT is the name of the page. We also have a page of our record label streetz incorporated Recordz. On twitter my handle is @exitm. I also have a personal website www.EXIT-MUSIC.CO.ZA.