House music is a genre of
electronic dance music that
originated in Chicago in the early
1980s. It was initially popularized
circa 1984 in Chicago, but
beginning in 1985, it fanned out
to other major cities across
North and South America, as well
as Europe and later Australia.
Early house music commercial
success in Europe saw songs such
as ” Pump Up The Volume” by
MARRS (1987), “House Nation” by
House Master Boyz and the Rude
Boy of House (1987), ” Theme
from S’Express ” by S’Express
(1988) and ” Doctorin’ the House”
by Coldcut (1988) in the pop
charts. Since the early to
mid-1990s, house music has been
infused in mainstream pop and
dance music worldwide.

Early house music was generally
dance-based music characterized
by repetitive beats, rhythms
mainly provided by drum
machines, off-beat hi-hat
cymbals, and synthesized
basslines. While house displayed
several characteristics similar to
disco music, it was more
electronic and minimalistic,
and the repetitive rhythm of
house was more important than
the song itself. House music
today, while keeping several of
these core elements, notably the
prominent kick drum on every
beat, varies a lot in style and
influence, ranging from the
soulful and atmospheric deep
house to the more minimalistic

House music has also
fused with several other genres
creating fusion subgenres,
such as euro house , tech house,
electro house and jump house .
In the late 1980s, many local
Chicago house music artists
suddenly found themselves with
major label deals. House music
proved to be a commercially
successful genre and a more
mainstream pop-based variation
grew increasingly popular.
Artists and groups such as
Madonna , Janet Jackson,
Björk, Aretha Franklin , Steps,
Daft Punk , and C+C Music
Factory incorporated the
genre into their work. After
enjoying significant success in
the early to mid-90s, house music
grew even larger during the
second wave of progressive house
The genre hasremained popular and fused into
other popular subgenres, as the
DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll has been
dominated by house DJs since the
beginning of the polls. Today,
house music remains popular in
both clubs and in the mainstream
pop scene while retaining a
strong foothold on underground
scenes across the globe.
“ House is a feeling“, as the song
lyric goes, and those who love it
will happily testify to that.
Its percussion-led rhythmic beats
are firmly driven by its African
roots; this music is best appreciated
by people who love to dance. It’s not just music to listen
to, but to “feel”…it can touch your
soul, make you dance and lift your
spirit. “Oh yes, you can definitely
feel it!!”
By: Moeti Mohoto