There is nothing new under the sun.

Now this, for me, is why fashion and everything else in the world repeats itself. In the bible there’s a verse that reads- “The thing that has been – it is what will be again, and that which has been done is that which will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun.”

New generations come along and find fashion of the past to be interesting and a novelty. Television shows based on eras passed also spark this trend. The shows are presented in a way that makes you want to be part of it and the only way to do this is through clothing. That’s why you’re able to go to a store and find 1950’s type dresses because of influences from shows like Mad Men. Nostalgia also plays a part in fashion recycling. The longing for happy times of the past is what makes designers bring back old looks, especially if that’s the era they made a name for themselves in.

In this way it is easy to revive looks of that time to fit the time they’re living in. Designers are at the epicentre of the fashion industry and it’s important that they out do themselves with every new season.

80's 2

The need to come up with something new leads them to museums and archives for inspiration. And whatever connects to their fashion soul will inspire them for a new line.


No matter how hard they try to deem what they’ve come up with as “new”, it will never really be new because there will forever be a “reference”. I’ve found that fashion never comes back in its original style but rather its original idea and that’s why it will forever recycle or repeat itself.

By Unathi Maphike

When the word “funky” (interesting, strange, nice) comes to mind I always think of 80’s fashion. For me, there has never been a decade prior to it which had so many fashion looks. This was a time where you could basically transform yourself into anything and anyone you wanted to be. One could go from a look of opulence to the girl next door in no time at all. We can be thankful to the *Material Girl* herself, Madonna, for making it normal to wear underwear as outerwear.

Power suits made it onto the runways and nothing screamed money and power like massive shoulder pads. The mini skirt became popular and the tighter and shorter it was, the better. Today, the freakum dress has a lot to be thankful for because of the mini.

freakum dress

Dance wear, leggings paired with a baggy off the shoulder sweater in particular, became quite popular. And to those who thought Ray-Bans are from this decade, well think again and we thank Tom Cruise who made them popular.

When we talk 90’s fashion “cool” comes to mind.  This decade of fashion was more relaxed and has never gone out of style. The Boy and Girl groups’ era became so popular and they influenced fashion in a major way. When you think TLC you think dungarees with one strap undone and crop tops- a look Rihanna likes to toy around with these days.



When you think Spice Girls you think of the “Spice” platform shoe and can’t help but shake it to the right.

Tube tops were the ones to have and every woman from the busty to the flat-chested type wanted to be seen in it. Most looks from both these decades have managed to evolve and stay relevant over time. Hate it or love it the 80’s and 90’s have made their mark on the fashion industry and are here to stay.